Kent C. Dodds Masterclass - React Live 2023
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  • 28 September
  • Amsterdam

Kent C. Dodds Masterclass

Web Authentication

Be Aware, the Workshop takes place at Passionate People HQ

Oostelijke Handelskade 639, 1019BW, Amsterdam

Security. That's the number one concern on everyone's minds as they think about authentication on the web.

How do we make this secure? How do we ensure the data we have associated with a person is only visible by that person? How do we avoid anyone else from getting access to that person's account and data? Oh, and what about two-factor authentication and third party OAuth?

There's a lot involved with properly securing user information. You want to set up authentication so securely that even if our source code was exposed and our user's password table was leaked, an adversary still couldn't get in. 🦹

But it's not all about security either. It's also about a great user experience and a simple developer experience too. 😘

In this hands-on full day workshop, we'll get you started with the foundational standards:

✅ Cookies and Serialization ✅ Protecting Routes ✅ Password Reset ✅ Sessions

There's a lot involved here, but we're going to build it all and optimize for ownership and adaptability 🔥

When you're done, you'll have a deep understanding of how all this works together.

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    Thursday 28 September

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