React Live 2023

Must Attend Conference for React Developers

  • 29 September
  • Amsterdam
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  • Photo of Kent C. Dodds
    • React logo

    Kent C. Dodds

    Software Engineer and Educator

    How to build excellent modern web applications into an opinionated project starter that allows teams to ship their ideas to production faster and on a more stable foundation.

  • Photo of Sendil Kumar
    Uber logo

      Sendil Kumar

      Engineering Manager @ Uber

      Building Payments and Checkout at Uber and explaining on how to handling & successfully completing massive migrations.

    • Medhat Dawoud
      Miro Logo

        Medhat Dawoud

        Senior Software Engineer @ Miro

        Google Developer Expert in Web Performance speaking about Website Speed. The Daily Brush for Website Speed: Embrace the Performance Budget Ritual

      • Photo of Anisha Malde
        Amazon Appstore Logo

          Anisha Malde

          Developer Advocate @ Amazon

          A Story(book) about testing. Storybook's component isolation saves time and integrates with popular testing tools like Jest, Testing Library, Puppeteer, and Cypress.

        • Photo of Mohamad Shiralizadeh
          iO Digital Logo

            Mohamad Shiralizadeh

            Senior Frontend Engineer @ iO Digital

            New Suspense Architecture in React 18 - One of the most important metric of Core Web Vitals is LCP, which measures app’s loading performance. Therefore, as a developer, it is essential to prioritize Server Side Rendering performance to improve this metric. React core team introduced a New Suspense Architecture in React 18 that offers a seamless experience for the client. Let's utilize this technology to enhance your app's performance.

          • Photo of Dennis Spierenburg

              Dennis Spierenburg

              Frontend developer @ Divotion

              Building a Design System that Scales with Your Organization: Tips and Tricks. Design systems have become more popular in recent years. However, there is still much to learn about how design systems can be used to their full potential, and how organizations can benefit from them with the right tools. In this talk I'll share insights on how to set up an optimized design system for your organization. We will discuss necessary elements for a design system and how to automate this process using design tokens. After this talk you'll understand why design systems are living and growing entities and how you will be able to maximize its full potential.

            • Photo of Josh Goldberg
              • typescript-eslint

              Josh Goldberg

              Open Source Developer @ typescript-eslint

              Detecting React bugs automatically with linting and TypeScript! Independent full time open source developer. Working on projects in the TypeScript ecosystem, most notably typescript-eslint: the tooling that enables ESLint and Prettier to run on TypeScript code. Also the author of the O’Reilly Learning TypeScript book, a Microsoft MVP for developer technologies, and an active conference speaker. Josh's personal projects range from static analysis to meta-languages to recreating retro games in the browser. Also cats.

            • Photo of Carly Richmond

                Carly Richmond

                Developer Advocate @ Elastic

                Monitoring Digital Experience to Determine Feature Effectiveness. Building beloved user applications is a challenging yet rewarding pursuit for us working in technology today. While real user monitoring, or RUM, metrics are added early for external-facing applications, it is often added as an afterthought in the building of applications when building applications for users within organisations. Instead, we rely on anecdotal discussions and review feedback that, for many reasons, can leave us with an incomplete or accurate picture of the adoption of the software we build. In this talk, I will use my experience in building applications in investment banking to discuss the reasons why obtaining long-term feedback on feature adoption can be difficult to validate. We will also outline how monitoring applications using the Elastic RUM agent and React Framework extension combined with OpenTelemetry for Node.js can help you quantify user experience satisfaction and adoption to ensure we are providing effective experiences for users.

              • Photo of Giorgio Boa
                Qwik Logo

                  Giorgio Boa

                  Qwik Advocate

                  Improve your React hydration with Qwik. "Are you struggling with a slow startup and bad performance in your React app? The hydration process can be the reason for this problem and fortunately, there is a solution for it. In this talk, we'll understand the hydration process and how Qwik can help us with its amazing strategies for hydration. Curious about how React and Qwik can work together? Let's jump into this session!"

                • Photo of Marta Vasconcelos

                    Marta Vasconcelos

                    Senior Software Engineer @ SingleStore

                    How to effectively implement analytics for user tracking and how to handle them so they can help the product decision-making process.

                  • Photo of Ives van Hoorne
                    CodeSandbox Full Logo

                      Ives van Hoorne

                      Co-Founder @ CodeSandbox

                      The co - founder/creator of CodeSandbox will bring us some of the latest insights on CodeSandbox's Future and Latest Features!

                    • Alexandra Spalato

                        Alexandra Spalato

                        DevRel Engineer @ Storyblok

                        Remix: Embracing Web Standards to Redefine Modern Web Development. Alexandra specializes in JAMstack and headless architecture and helps developers bring their visions to life. With her diverse background as freelancer and entrepreneur, Alexandra offers a fresh perspective on building successful web projects. She is always seeking new ways to innovate and drive tech progress, whether by speaking at conferences or empowering developers.

                      • Photo of Tasos Bitsios

                          Tasos Bitsios

                          Developer Experience Developer @ Kadena

                          The Power of SSE: unidirectional streaming protocol you aren't using. Tasos has a background as a Full stack software developer. Participated as a Director of Technology in a Project Eleven Campaign (

                        • Photo of Chris Heilmann

                            Chris Heilmann

                            Director Developer Relations @WeAreDevelopers

                            As a lead developer on some of the largest web products he learned that knowledge is not enough without teamwork and good handover. He worked at Yahoo, Mozilla and Microsoft, building the web platform, browsers and developer tools. He strives to make code and coders work efficiently. He is the author of several JavaScript books and the Developer Advocacy handbook ( He is currently director of developer relations at WeAreDevelopers and spends a lot of time pondering how machine learning and AI can aid humans and replace jobs we arre too important to do.


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                          • De La Mar theatre
                          • De La Mar inside
                          • DeLaMar Theater

                            In the Heart of Amsterdam you will find the beautiful De LaMar Theater only few minutes walking from Amsterdam's most famous sides.

                            Join us in Amsterdam; a technology hotspot with the Netherlands rated as the most entrepreneurial country in the EU combined with a large talented workforce of Knowledge Workers and a strong international focus with 85% of the workforce speaking English.

                            Amsterdam's total workforce drawn talent from 180 different nationalities. Come and enjoy the Beautiful Canals one of the many heritage sites or Museum's, and amazing diversity in Restaurants, bars and Nightlife. Join us with your team for team bonding and to make connections for life.

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                          Venue and Hotels

                          near the venue

                          Be Aware, the Workshop takes place at Passionate People HQ

                          Oostelijke Handelskade 639, 1019BW, Amsterdam

                          In the city centre of Amsterdam, within walking distance from the Van Gogh Museum, Rijks Museum, Casino, Restaurants and Bars you will find the beautiful De LaMar Theater taking place in the Mary Dresselhuys Theater Room.

                          Join us at the Marnixstraat 402, 1017 PL Amsterdam well connected via Public Transport.

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                            Be Aware, the Workshop takes place at Passionate People HQ

                            Oostelijke Handelskade 639, 1019BW, Amsterdam

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                            Be Aware, the Workshop takes place at Passionate People HQ

                            Oostelijke Handelskade 639, 1019BW, Amsterdam