Establishing fastest online presence with Next.js, Storyblok and Layer0

Building online reputation of you business is a time-consuming and overwhelming experience. However, it is immensely crucial to build a masterful and fastest online presence for your company/brand, as it allows people to find your business, get to know it, interact with the company and above all, trust you.

Even though it’s going to take some time, building one can be less time consuming and frustrating if you know how and where to start. Today, we would like to discuss with you and learn from the experience of Rishi Raj Jain, that he shared during #JSWORLDConference😍 The recording of which is ready for you to enjoy 👉 here.

Rishi Raj Jain - Establishing Fastest Online Presence with Next.js, Storyblok and Layer0

According to Rishi, establishing fastest online experience has the following advantages:

Rishi Raj Jain

The first step that needs to be taken for establishing the fastest online presence, is to deep dive into the decision making process. There are 5 points that need to be considered and chosen, being Deployment Platform, Content Management System, Frontend Framework, Github Workflow & Further Optimisation.

Hereby we will discover why Rishi Raj decided to go for this particular frameworks and systems and what are their advantages😊

1. Deployment Platform - Layer0

  • Ability to prefetch cached responses
  • Ability to modify responses at the edge
  • Leverage web worker to extend edge worker in the browser
  • Superb community plan

2. Content Management System - Storyblok

  • Ensures smooth editing experience with Visual Editor
  • Data is one fetch away with REST and GraphQL API
  • Great image optimisation service
  • Possibility to templating with Custom Field Types

3. Frontend Framework - NEXT.js

  • Zero config making the apps ready for production from the beginning of dev phase
  • Incremental Static Regeneration
  • Ability to configure rendering per page
  • With Code Splitting it’s possible to optimise the bundle splitting algorithm
  • Serverless backend in your frontend with API routes

4. Github Workflows - GitHub Development Pack

  • 3.000 GitHub Actions minutes
  • Repository insights graphs: contributors, traffic, commits, code frequency, network and forks
  • Loader of Open Source

5. Further Optimisation

  • Preloading fonts
  • Caching dynamic images from Next.js with Layer0
  • Caching all assets with Layer0
  • Image Optimisation with Next.js
  • Dynamic imports with Next.js

If you want to know more, watch the amazing talk of Rishi Raj Jain and learn from his experience via our video platform 👉 here.


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