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  • Picture of Employer Branding

    Employer Branding

    Trying to connect with Developers in person to fill up your Talent Pipeline? React Live brings together developers from various backgrounds giving you the opportunity to connect with Medior and Senior Developers specialised in JavaScript & React Development

  • Picture of Product Awareness

    Product Awareness

    Having a hard time to get the attention of your niche target market? Do not miss your chance to get the opinion of attendees that could be using your product on a daily basis. You will be able to generate immediate leads and pipelines via Gaming Challenges and Lead Scanning possibilities in our Expo.

  • Picture of Community Support

    Community Support

    Giving back to the Tech Community? Help us continue to offer Diversity & Inclusion Scholarships, free education to local universities and good causes and contribute yearly to numerous Open Source contributors.

  • AI Booth impression

    Mixer Event

    Sponsor our Mixer and you are the Sole Partner for one of the socialising events attracting Engineers. We will brand the mixer with your brand banners, flyers and more! Let us inform you about the opportunities.

  • Picture of Coffee Sponsor

    Coffee Sponsor

    Branded Coffee, Tea & Juice Stands with your branded napkins & banners at the drink stations.

  • Picture of Community Sponsor

    Community Sponsor

    Give back to the community and give engineers from underrepresented groups and students the opportunity to attend React Live in Amsterdam in person.

  • Exhibitor Gamification

    Speaker Slot

    The world of Tech will gather in Amsterdam and this your opportunity to show your expertise within React.js among JavaScript engineers for branding or hiring purposes.


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