Program React Live - React Live 2023
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  • Kent C. Dodds

    Keynote: The Epic Stack

    By Kent C. Dodds

    An opinionated project starter that allows teams to ship their ideas to production faster and on a more stable foundation. Kent will talk about how to build excellent modern web applications into an opinionated project starter that allows teams to ship their ideas to production faster and on a more stable foundation.

  • Dennis Spierenburg

    Building a Design System that Scales with Your Organization: Tips and Tricks

    By Dennis Spierenburg

    How to set up an optimized design system for your organization. We will discuss the necessary elements for a design system and how to automate this process using design tokens. After this talk you'll understand why design systems are living and growing entities and how you will be able to maximize its full potential. A well-designed design system can significantly improve an organization's design workflow, efficiency, and consistency, ultimately leading to better user experiences. A design system is designed, managed, and implemented by people. This means that a design system is something that keeps on living and growing.

  • Mohamad Shiralizadeh

    New Suspense Architecture in React 18

    By Mohamad Shiralizadeh

    One of the most important metric of Core Web Vitals is LCP, which measures app’s loading performance. Therefore, as a developer, it is essential to prioritize Server Side Rendering performance to improve this metric. React core team introduced a New Suspense Architecture in React 18 that offers a seamless experience for the client. Let's utilize this technology to enhance your app's performance.

  • Medhat Dawoud

    Daily Brush for Website Speed: Embrace the Performance Budget Ritual

    By Medhat Dawoud

    Get ready for a refreshing take on web performance as I introduce you to the incredible power of the performance budget toothbrush! Join for an enlightening session where Medhat dives into the world of dental hygiene-inspired web optimization techniques. Just like brushing your teeth maintains a healthy smile, setting a performance budget keeps your website in tip-top shape. Discover how this magical toothbrush helps me scrub away excess page weight, sweep out unnecessary requests, and polish my load times to perfection. Say goodbye to a sluggish website and hello to a snappy user experience that will make my visitors grin from ear to ear. Captivating stories and practical tips from web performance enthusiasts.

  • Anisha Malde

    A Story(book) about Testing

    By Anisha Malde

    Are you tired of spending countless hours on your setup for UI development, testing, and documentation? Learn how to optimize your component library workflow with Storybook. We'll explore how Storybook's component isolation saves time and integrates with popular testing tools like Jest, Testing Library, Puppeteer, and Cypress. Plus, we'll cover how to utilize Storybook for visual regression and accessibility testing.

  • Giorgio Boa

    Improve your React hydration with Qwik

    By Giorgio Boa

    Are you struggling with a slow startup and bad performance in your React app? The hydration process can be the reason for this problem and fortunately, there is a solution for it. In this talk, we'll understand the hydration process and how Qwik can help us with its amazing strategies for hydration. Curious about how React and Qwik can work together?

  • Sendil Kumar

    A case study on successful migration

    By Sendil Kumar

    Migrations are tough. It becomes even tougher when you need to change it company-wide. This talk is all about handling the migrations and how to make it successful. How to handle the migration and deliver impact together with it. If you are looking to convince your boss about massive migration, then this talk will give you ideas.

  • Josh Goldberg

    Detecting React bugs automatically with linting and TypeScript

    By Josh Goldberg

    Wouldn’t you love to automatically zap code bugs before releasing to production? How about before your code even gets run? Static analysis tools scrutinize your code as you write it - giving you blazing fast feedback at development time. We’re going to go into how that works, why it’s useful, and -best of all- how to enable friendly configurations for Prettier, ESLint, TypeScript, and their associated tooling in your app. ⚡

  • Carly Richmond

    Are They Really Using It? Monitoring Digital Experience to Determine Feature Effectiveness

    By Carly Richmond

    Building beloved user applications is a challenging yet rewarding pursuit for us working in technology today. While real user monitoring, or RUM, metrics are added early for external-facing applications, it is often added as an afterthought in the building of applications when building applications for users within organisations. Instead, we rely on anecdotal discussions and review feedback that, for many reasons, can leave us with an incomplete or accurate picture of the adoption of the software we build. In this talk, I will use my experience in building applications in investment banking to discuss the reasons why obtaining long-term feedback on feature adoption can be difficult to validate. We will also outline how monitoring applications using the Elastic RUM agent and React Framework extension combined with OpenTelemetry for Node.js can help you quantify user experience satisfaction and adoption to ensure we are providing effective experiences for users.

  • Alexandra Spalato

    Remix: Embracing Web Standards to Redefine Modern Web Development

    By Alexandra Spalato

    Discover the power of Remix, a groundbreaking full-stack framework that embraces web standards to redefine modern web development. As developers grapple with complex tools and frameworks, creating performant and maintainable applications becomes increasingly challenging. What if there's a solution that leverages core web principles to streamline development? Enter Remix In this talk, learn how Remix harnesses web standards, such as URLs, Fetch API, HTML, and HTTP caching, to elevate developer and user experiences, ultimately empowering you to become a better developer!

  • Ives van Hoorne

    State of CodeSandbox

    By Ives van Hoorne

    React has changed a lot over the past few years, and the dev servers have changed too. From Webpack to Create-React-App to Next.js, there have been many ways to run our code. During this talk, I will describe how CodeSandbox runs your code, and what changes we've made to our execution environment to support new dev servers and frameworks.

  • Chris Heilmann

    MisplAIced - good AI solutions need good UX

    By Chris Heilmann

    With the AI hype being in full swing it can become easy to feel overwhelmed. It is also easy to fall into the trap of thinking writing a ChatGPT plugin means you delivered a groundbreaking new experience or started a company. Generative AI is a great thing, but it also needs to have good UX to go with it. In this talk, Chris Heilmann will show how and when AI solutions help and when they are more of a distraction than a help. If you think of spicing up your solutions with AI, here are some good do's and don'ts to get you started.

  • Marta Vasconcelos

    What I Wish I Had Known About Frontend User Tracking

    By Marta Vasconcelos

    Tips and lessons learned at SingleStore in the last few months while working on Product Growth: how to effectively implement analytics for user tracking and how to handle them so they can help the product decision-making process.

  • Tasos Bitsios

    The Power of SSE: unidirectional streaming protocol you aren't using

    By Tasos Bitsios

    For the all-too-common use case of streaming updates to clients, the Server-Sent Events (SSE) protocol is often overlooked in favor of less efficient options. Join me in a brief journey into what SSE is all about, when to use it, how it compares to alternatives, and some common pitfalls. If you use polling or WebSockets for unidirectional server streaming, don't miss this talk!